Three centuries of guitar music

The encounter, as fortuitous as it is artistically fruitful, between two young people separated by their place of birth, culture, language and education (the Trentino Lorenzo Bernardi and the Ukrainian Marko Topchii) will present the Sunday Concerts of the Trento Philharmonic on the stage an instrument loved and sought after by the public.

The strong appeal of the instrument and the performers is joined by the happy anthological composition of a program built around pages rich in constructive intelligence (Bach), idiomatic and visionary virtuosities (Castel-Nuovo Tedesco), brilliant ethno-folk colors, opera echoes never forgotten ( Giuliani), fresh and aggressive rhythms (Coste and Koshkin). This unpublished Duo is formed by Lorenzo Bernardi, born in Trento in 1994, graduated brilliantly from the Bonporti Conservatory of Trento in 2015 with Norma Lutzemberger and then perfected at the Sassari Conservatory with Emanuele Buono. A young age but a prestigious curriculum, where we read of a very recent tour (2017) in Japan which is added to concerts offered in Spain, the USA and Argentina after success in national and international competitions in Catania, Legnago and other important venues. Freshly won a scholarship at the Seville Conservatory where Bernardi will study with Francisco Bernier. Marko Topchii was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1991 and already has over fifty awards in international competitions behind him, the last of which (October 2017) in Italy at the ‘Michele Pittaluga’ international competition in Alexandria. An absolutely authoritative springboard for every winner that follows another prestigious affirmation by a few months at the ‘Maurizio Biasini’ in San Francisco. A star caught for Trento at the moment of its fastest rise.


Lorenzo Bernardi

J. S. Bach (1650-1785): BWV 998 Prelude – Fugue – Allegro
N. Coste (1805-1883): Fantasie dramatique “Le départ” op. 31
A. B. Mangorè (1885-1944): Confesión

Marko Topchii

M. Giuliani (1781-1829): Six variations op. 49
M. Castelnuovo Tedesco (1895-1986): Diabolic Capriccio
N. Koshkin (* 1956): Introduction and Vivace
F. Tarrega (1852-1909): Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Variations on the Carnival of Venice

Marko Topchii and Lorenzo Bernardi

M. Giuliani (1781-1829): Overture from Elizabeth Queen of England by Rossini